Thank you for your confidence! I look forward to being your Councillor for the next four years and look forward to hearing your ideas to make our municipality even better.

Sorell Councillor 2014-2018

Deborah De Williams was the first woman to run around Australia, the first woman to walk around Australia, ultra marathoner, adventurer, breast cancer survivor, World and Australian record holder, Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2011, motivational speaker, philanthropist, founding director of the charity Running Pink and passionate cancer campaigner.

Deb has proven over time that when she wants to achieve something, she simply goes out and makes it happen. Deborah loves this state, but recognises it could be better. When Deb created Running Pink, she wanted to reach out and help people struggling with breast cancer, now she is ready for a new challenge – to get the Tasmanian economy back on track and get this state moving again.

Deb has travelled all over the state, talking to thousands of people and it has become very clear that Tasmania, at all levels of Government need passionate, hard working representitives who are focussed on building strong, sustainable communities.

Deb has a particular interest in small business and recognises that it these grass root economies that keep our state alive. Living and working in the Sorell Municipality, Deb has seen first hand the challenges facing our once great small business sector.

Deb will be out working for you, your famililes and our community and is committed to the long haul to get things done. A vote for Deborah De Williams is a vote for a proven achiever in your community .

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  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Healthy Communities
  • Value for money Local Government
  • Community Development
  • Business Development
  • Open Communication

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