Thank you for your confidence! I look forward to being your Councillor for the next four years and look forward to hearing your ideas to make our municipality even better.

Sorell Councillor 2014-2018

I live and work in Midway Point, and many of you may know me as the 'lady with the dog' for my charity and ultra-marathon achievements with my beloved Border Collie 'Maggie'.

I am the founder of the breast cancer charity Running Pink, a motivational speaker and am passionate about helping others and supporting our fantastic communities.

At my core I am passionate about causes, which was the driving force behind my charity world record walk, and world record run around Australia in recent years. I want to use this same motivation to represent you as a Councillor, but I need your support to do it!

I've had the great pleasure of meeting many Australians that despite being dealt some hard knocks have inspired their families and their communties to do great things by creating possibilities and supporting their potential.

"Deborah De Williams has a genuine interest in helping people, a committed advocate for Tasmania and a passion for charity work. She demonstrated an inner strength of enormous courage in the face of adversity, a keen business sense and a rugged determination to complete tasks. I believe she has that rare, ethereal quality to inspire others and would see her as an outstanding future representative for the people of Sorell Council. Above all else she loves Border Collies!"

Bruce Englefield MSc, BSc, ChMIACE
Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2010
CEO and Founding Director, Devil Island Project Inc.

"Deborah De Williams is a dedicated and compassionate supporter of the people of Tasmania. She has a proven track record for standing up and giving to our communities and resonates with people on many levels. Her incredible life achievements, both personally and professionally, prove she is a woman of integrity and action. If she says something, she will stand behind it and more importantly make happen! Deborah and her ‘can-do’ approach to life would be an asset to all in the electorate."

Janelle Larkin
Former Regional Development Officer
National Breast Cancer Foundation Hobart

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  • Tasmanian Australian of the Year 2011
  • Tasmanian Honor Roll of Women Inductee 2013
  • Tasmanian Pride of Australia - Courage Medal 2012
  • Endurance Fundraiser of the Year Award 2011
  • Who’s Who of Australian Woman 2012 edition
  • 2012 National Trust of Australia, Australian Living Treasures
  • Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards – Outstanding Achiever 2011


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